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BMedical Director

Dr Marcin Stankiewicz CREI

Specialist in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility

Hello and Welcome to our Clinic

As a highly trained senior gynaecologist and laparoscopic surgeon, I bring extensive expertise and experience to the field of reproductive health. With a further sub-specialisation in fertility and endocrinology, I am proud to be among a select group of specialists in Adelaide holding a prestigious qualification: the Certificate in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility.

The Importance of Being a Specialist in Reproducitve Enddocrinolgy and Inffertility (CREI)

My CREI qualification signifies my commitment to advanced training and specialised knowledge in the complex and evolving field of reproductive medicine. It takes three years of extra fertility training which finishes with an exam and qualification as CREI. It reflects my dedication to providing comprehensive care and innovative solutions for individuals and couples facing fertility challenges, hormonal imbalances, and reproductive disorders.

Extensive Training and Expertise 

I offer a unique blend of surgical expertise and reproductive medicine knowledge which enables me to provide the holistic and personalised care to my patients, addressing both their surgical needs and their fertility concerns.

Being one of the few specialists in Adelaide with a CREI qualification, I bring a heightened level of competence and proficiency in the diagnosis and treatment of reproductive and endocrine disorders. This qualification ensures that I stay up-to-date with the latest advancements and best practices in the field, equipping me with the skills to look after you with the highest standard of care.

By choosing a CREI-qualified specialist like myself, you can have confidence in reciving the latest personalised treatment to achieve your  reproductive goals.  My team and I offer compassionate care, comprehensive evaluations, and tailored treatment plans.

My CREI qualification is a testament to my ongoing commitment to professional development and the pursuit of excellence in reproductive medicine. As a member of the distinguished group of specialists with this qualification, I am passionate about leveraging my expertise to make a positive impact on the lives of other. 

Passionate Fertility Specialist

I am deeply passionate about my work. I will personally guide you through every step of your journey.  You will also benefit from my 20 years of practical and surgical experience by receiving a comprehensive and honest advice tailored to your unique needs and circumstances as well as devoted assistance and appropriate treatment. 

Whether you are seeking answers for conditions like endometriosis, PCOS, irregular periods, recurrent miscarriage, recurrent implantation failure, or abnormal semen analysis, or if you simply desire to understand why conception has not yet occurred, I am here to offer my unwavering support. My approach is rooted in compassion, and dedication to helping you navigate your fertility challenges without prejudice.

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