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Every person or couple is different, and so are their fertility needs. We aim to use the most natural and simple intervention to help you conceive as easily as possible. Our fertility services include:

Ovulation tracking

Sometimes, predicting the best time when the fertility window is open can be difficult, and not all apps are accurate. Our doctors, using ultrasound scans and blood tests, can help you know when is the best time for baby making.

Ovulation Induction

Specific medications can promote ovulation at the appropriate time, as guided by ultrasound and/or blood tests.

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)

Often combined with ovulation induction and a special trigger injection, the best sperm is placed inside the uterus.


The most well-known assisted reproduction procedures are where eggs and sperm are recovered, joined together in the lab, and then an embryo is transferred into the uterus.  For more information on IVF treatment please visit our IVF page.

Preimplantation Genetic Testing

For Aneuploidy (PGT-A) and single gene disorders (PGT-M)

Life Whisperer

An artificial intelligence program created to assist our scientists in selecting the best embryo for transfer.

Sperm Donor Program

See our Donor Program, or contact us for more information.

Egg, Sperm and Embryo Storage

We offer the latest technology (vitrification) for all of those indications, including transitioning, oncology and fertility preservation.

Surgical Sperm Recovery

Our doctors are highly skilled in both TESA and PESA procedures and are happy to discuss them with you

Assisted Hatching

Assisted hatching is an advanced scientific technique which involves using a laser to gently thin the outer shell of the embryo (zona pellucida), facilitating the embryo to hatch out of its shell. In some cases, particularly in patients where embryos did not stick on a number of occasions, it is thought that the thickness of the outer shell can impede implantation, and assisted hatching could be beneficial.

Specialised media

We can provide specialised Embryogen culture media and EmbryoGlue transfer media upon request or deemed beneficial.

Diagnosis and treatment of endometriosis

All of our doctors are experienced laparoscopic surgeons, so you can have your procedures with the doctor you know, rather than having to be referred to another person.

Reversal of Sterilisation

Dr Marcin Stankiewicz is pleased to offer a microscopic reversal of female sterilisation. Please call 0883713466 for an appointment.

Diagnosis and treatment of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

Our doctors have extensive experience in both medical and surgical treatment of this condition.


We have experience in the area and can guide you through the intricate windings of this process.

Same Sex/Non-Binary Couples/Single women/Single persons/ LGBTIQA+

We pride ourselves on many years of successfully helping people in diverse situations.

We offer all options: IUI, IVF, ICSI and shared motherhood (partner IVF). We are proud of the selection and quality of donor sperm we offer, as well as our access to egg donors. We are pleased to be able to offer the option of artificial insemination (IUI) not just IVF.

Investigation and treatment for male and female infertility

It is estimated that infertility affects about 1/6 couples in Australia. For ~40% of couples, the cause of infertility is attributed to a sperm factor, and for another ~40%, the cause is found within the female reproductive system. Approximately 1/3 of these couples will have a combination of both male and female factors. We are here to explore why you are experiencing infertility; be it due to genetic, hormonal, blockage, lifestyle or other factors as well as explore and discuss all your treatment options.

We don’t give up when others might, contact us today to discuss how we can help.