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Here at Family Fertility, we know you are going through a life changing process.

As the world continues to change and grow, a personal touch to tailored medical care is more important than ever. We are a dedicated team that cares for our patients like family, and you can trust completely that you are in experienced hands.

RI Witness

We can offer confidence to our patients!  The first South Australian fertility clinic to implement radio frequency ID technology.  The ground-breaking technology of RI Witness is used to ensure that samples used during the IVF process do not become mixed up.  Radio frequency tags are attached to all dishes and tubes in which samples are stored.  RI Witness constantly monitor the samples ID as they are transferred from one tube to another.  Alarms sound if samples from different patients are brought into the same work area in the laboratory, stopping any procedure and any potential mistake.

Life Whisperer

Life Whisperer is a tool to aid embryologists identify and select the most viable embryo for transfer and/or cryopreservation.

Life Whisperer identifies morphological features and patterns that constitute a healthy embryo, which are often not visible to the human eye.

Our experienced embryologist will independently grade, and take photos of your day 5 embryo/s. These photos are uploaded to Life Whisperer, and within a few minutes, a score is given depicting the viability of each embryo.

This tool can be particularly useful for embryologists when deciding which embryo/s to transfer, and in the case of frozen embryos, which to thaw first.

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