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Join us in making a significant difference in the lives of families longing to conceive by becoming a egg donor. Your decision to contribute holds the potential to fulfill the dreams of those striving to start or expand their families. By embarking on this journey, you’re offering hope and the possibility of taking part in creating new beginnings. Let us tell you more about how you can positively impact lives and be a part of this noble endeavour.

Who can benefit from your generous gift

Who can benefit from your generous gift

An egg donation is a generous act for couples (including same sex couples), women and men who would love to experience parenthood but cannot do it without your help.

Your egg donation can help:

  • Heterosexual couples with female infertility challenges find egg donation to be an invaluable solution. When female partners encounter difficulties in using their own eggs, egg donation offers an alternative method for conception, enabling these couples to realise their aspirations of having a child.
  • Women with infertility, and men who choose to conceive without a partner can benefit significantly from egg donation. 
  • Same-sex male couples seeking to have children need to use donated egg to achieve their dream of starting a family together. This is an avenue for conception, allowing both partners to actively participate in the journey to parenthood.

Who can be an egg donor?

What is egg donation?

A generous act for couples and single people who would love to experience parenthood but cannot do it without your help. It is a generous act to help others fulfil their dreams of family.

Women from all ethnic and cultural backgrounds are warmly welcome to become Family Fertility Centre Egg Donors.

If you are aged between 18 and 35, healthy and want to find out more about your fertility and genetics, willing to share your identifying information with donor-conceived children once they are aged 18 or older, happy to have a good chat with a counsellor to help you fully appreciate the significance of your contribution to others and willing to receive reimbursements of genuine expenses while maintaining an altruistic and selfless donation….

Then you are the right woman and you are in the right place.

You may also want to know that...


You may also want to know that…

  • Egg donors have no financial or legal responsibility for donor-conceived children
  • Egg donation can be known (donating to your friends, family members, etc), and it can be de-identified
  • The only people who can access your information through Donor Conception Register are donor-conceived children once aged 18 or their parents or guardians for children below 18 years of age.
  • If a child is born from your donation, you can find out about their gender, year of birth, and general health.

Key steps to become a donor


Initial consultation with our Donor Program Specialist


Initial medical appointment to find out all about you and your health 


To find out more about your health & genertics. 


All you need to know about the psychological and social impact of your donation.

Sign off

Opportunity to fully discuss all the information and record your consent for donation.  

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